Everything to simplify the mobile apps creation


  • Calendar
Present your events from your Facebook page or Google Calendar. You can also create your own custom events..
  • Reservation 
Allow your users to book a seat or a table with this easy and multi-store functionality.
  • Folder 
This feature helps to organize your content, you can create your own application tree with folders, subfolders.
  • Appointment 
Manage your appointments as a professional. Manage multiple stores, services and service providers. You can also set working hours, holiday periods and everything you need to manage your appointments at a glance.
  • Job 
Post your jobs, candidates can apply directly from the application.
  • Private 
Allows you to lock your application completely or partially. Select the pages you want to protect and how they should be protected. Protection by membership or QR code.

Commercial features

  • MCommerce 
Multi-store mobile sales functionality. Everything you need to sell your products is in the hands of your users.
  • Loyalty card
Create your own loyalty program, with the dematerialized loyalty card, the user validates his points with a password or a QR code.
  • Discount
With the feature "Coupon" you can create discounts and offer them in your applications.
  • Set meal
A nice and attractive way to display your menus. Create cards with photos, prices and descriptions.
  • AdMob
Monetize your app with advertising. Just copy your ad ID from your AdMob account and choose how to monetize your app.
  • QR Coupon 
This feature allows you to create discount coupons that will be unlocked by reading a specific QR code. Once unlocked, the customer can use the discount if he wants to.
  • Catalog
Display the list of your products in a nice list available in the hand of your users.

Social Networks

  • Facebook 
Integrate your facebook pages into your app to gather all your information in one entry point. Make your content to be shared via social networks and offers additional traffic and downloads.
  • Twitter
Show all your tweets in your app by integrating a Twitter account. Users can click, retweet, follow you, etc.
  • Fans wall
Create a social network in your app! Users will be able to post messages and / or photos, and comment on publications.
  • News wall
Want to send your new attractively? Simply use the News Wall feature to send your information, photos, events, etc. Get useful feedback, improve your communication, enjoy the benefits of better user engagement.
  • Chat
If you want to offer a complete chat solution to enable your users to chat in real time, this is the feature you need! Yes completely in real time with public and private chat rooms!


  • Push Notifications
Inform your users whenever you want, it's unlimited. Plan your notifications at specific dates and times. Send a notification to all your users or geolocated according to their location.
  • Inbox 
This feature allows you to send private messages with rich content and attachments to specific users. 
Choose the user (s) you want to inform and they will receive your private message with videos, texts, images and attachments directly in their Inbox function. And, of course, they can answer you.
  • RSS Feed 
This feature allows you to integrate feeds from blogs or news websites either from the business for which you’re creating the application or other sources in relation with the business or both. 
  • Contact Page 
This feature allows you to create a contact page for your business. Just complete the fields to automatically create a one-touch-call button, a geolocation button and a contact form.
  • Form
Want to get specific data from your users? Create your own forms for advice, comments and much more. In other words, this feature adapts to your information gathering needs.


  • Audio 
This option allows you to integrate your playlists or one of your favorite artists into your app. There are four ways to add songs and albums to your playlist: ITunes, SoundCloud, Podcast, or Custom
  • Video 
Embed videos from Youtube, Vimeo, Podcasts. You can choose to integrate a complete Youtube channel or a Vimeo-specific video.
  • Images 
Highlight your application with attractive photo galleries. Create categories, import photos from your computer, Picasa, Flickr, Facebook or Instagram!
  • Radio 
With the "Radio" function, you can add a radio broadcast inside your application. And just like the audio feature, users can continue to browse the application or even lock their phone and listen to the radio in the background!

  • Custom 
La page personnalisée vous permet de promouvoir votre entreprise de nombreuses façons. Vous pouvez écrire un article avec images ou non, vous pouvez publier une galerie de photos, vous pouvez publier une vidéo directement sur cette page, et vous pouvez ajouter des boutons "d'appel" ou un lien vers un site Web externe.


  • Places 
Add useful information to your mobile app with a location-based location and points of interest directory. This feature will display all locations on a map or, if the user opens the page of a particular location, they will be able to access the route to that location by walking or driving.
  • Map
This feature allows you to create a map with a destination address, allowing your users to locate and navigate to the specified address.
  • Weather 
This feature allows you to offer a weather widget in your app to view forecasts for a given city or for users to find the ones for their locations.
  • Contest - Social Gaming 
With the social gaming feature, companies can increase the frequency of purchasing their customers by classifying them according to their loyalty.
  • Tips 
This feature allows users to calculate tips.

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